Nine months baby diet chart

By the age of nine months, the baby has some teeth, due to which it becomes slightly chewable for food. Apart from this, children at this age do not take interest in eating because of teething. Therefore it is very important for the mother to maintain restraint.

Nine months baby diet chart

By the age of nine months, babies learn to eat a lot and start expressing their likes and dislikes. If your child is not picky about something to eat, don't force it. Give him some time. And if your child eats something very fondly, then do not get excited and feed that thing every other day. This may reduce the child's interest in eating after some time.

You can feed the nine-month-old baby according to the time by making the following things which are nutritious as well as tasty to the baby.

Waking up in the morning- First breastfeed when the baby wakes up in the morning. If you give her formula milk, give it to her. Do not feed anything to the baby immediately after feeding. Keep a gap of at least two to two and a half hours.

In the morning breakfast- You can make your child have breakfast around 9 to 9:30 in the morning. Do not give the child the same breakfast every day. Otherwise, he will be reluctant to eat breakfast. You can make a variety of things to feed your baby for breakfast.

  1. Ragi dosa
  2. Rava dosa
  3. Ragi Idli
  4. Banana molasses
  5. Mashed fruit
  6. Wheat porridge
  7. Oats porridge
  8. Multigrain Oatmeal

Before lunch - small children's stomach is filled only after eating a little food. Because of this, they also start feeling hungry very quickly. So you can breastfeed her before lunch and after breakfast at around 11:30.

In the lunch- At around 2.30 in the afternoon, give your child a full meal. But take care not to force her. The amount of food of all children is different from each other, so feed your child according to his appetite. You can give the following types of things to your child for lunch.

  1. Curd and vegetable-rice
  2. Vegetable Khichdi and Yogurt
  3. Rice and rasam
  4. Lentils in chapati
  5. Moong Dal Khichdi
  6. Rice with egg
  7. Ghee Rice and Steamed Vegetables

In the evening snack- After a full lunch, give the child some light food in the evening snack so that the child can digest it comfortably till dinner and can eat food comfortably at night. You can feed the following things to the baby in the evening snack.

  1. Fruit salad
  2. Vegetable Soup
  3. Carrot Beet Soup
  4. Cheese or cheese
  5. Plain yogurt
  6. Chicken soup
  7. Carrot or sooji pudding

In the night meal- At night, feed the baby about two and a half hours before going to sleep. So that the child does not have the problem of indigestion after eating. In the dinner, you can prepare and give different types of things to your child so that the child's interest in eating remains.

  1. Vegetable Casserole
  2. Dosa chutney
  3. Dal soaked chapati
  4. Vegetable Khichdi
  5. Dal Khichdi
  6. Ragi doga
  7. Vegetable Dosa
  8. Plain vermicelli

At night's bedtime- Only breastfeed or give formula milk to the baby at night time. Apart from this, whenever your child demands to drink milk during the day, then give him milk.
Feeding a small child is extremely challenging. While on the one hand the likes and dislikes of the child have to be taken care of, on the other hand whether the child is not allergic to any kind of food. If you feel that any food item is not suitable for the baby, then feed it only after consulting the doctor.