5 weeks pregnant - what to expect?

By the time you are 5 weeks pregnant, you may be fairly aware that something is going on in your body. Your period has not come on your expected date and you are at least a week late. You're probably starting to feel a little different - but there's no way to tell if it really is or just your imagination. After all, all these things may be a product of your mind, but that doesn't dilute its truth. If you're still not quite sure you're pregnant - this week is the perfect time to get a urine test!

5 weeks pregnant - what to expect?

Changes happening in your body this week

  • You may feel almost the same as last week without any changes. do not worry. Every woman is different and her own experience with pregnancy will be different.
  • You may also feel nauseous; Especially when you wake up in the morning or when it has been a while since you have eaten something. You may vomit or feel it several times a day.
  • You may feel faint or dizzy and may need to sit up frequently. The situation can get worse if your blood sugar level is low and you are late for a meal.
  • Your sense of smell may be more sensitive, and you can catch smells that you were not aware of before. Perfumes, foods, car fumes, someone else's body odor, etc. are all enough to make you feel really physically ill.
  • You may feel a feeling of heaviness and fullness in your uterus as in the weeks leading up to your period. This is because the pelvis dilates and there is an increase in the blood supply to your uterus.
  • Your breasts may feel heavier and more sensitive than normal. You may not be able to lie on your stomach like you used to, because your breasts are very delicate.

Emotional changes happening in you this week

  • This week will be important emotionally, especially if you are planning to conceive and you become pregnant. You may feel like crying and you may remain emotional this week. A variety of emotions can arise in you, and many of them at the same time. such as excitement, pleasure, anxiety, and guilt.
  • On the contrary, you may not experience such bliss at all. Not every woman is happy to know that she is pregnant and this week can be a disappointing week for you. Many women don't want to face the challenge of getting a pregnancy confirmed and it can take a while to get a positive look at it. It can be a bit scary and isolating, but always remember that there is help available for you and it is never too late to do something about it.
  • You may be confused about seeking advice from other pregnant women and want to keep your good news to yourself. Many women consider this a special time that they are pregnant, while others may not. For now, it's still possible to keep your pregnancy information to yourself.
  • You may start worrying about your baby's health and whether everything is okay or not. You may also worry about how your partner is feeling or how being pregnant might affect your relationship.
  • You may not be able to decide whether to tell your family or friends about your pregnancy. The first 12 weeks of pregnancy can be a risky time, and not all pregnancies may complete their full term. It is a very personal decision for the couple as to when to share this good news with the public. Many couples find it easier to wait up to 12 weeks, after which the chance of miscarriage drops to less than 1%.

Changes happening in your baby this week

  • This week your baby's fetus is the size of an orange seed or as big as the tip of a fingernail and can only be seen on an ultrasound.
  • Your baby looks like a tadpole and has a very young heart that has started beating and sending blood all over his little body. When you are 5 weeks pregnant, it is possible to see your baby's heartbeat through ultrasound. Vaginal ultrasounds give more detail than abdominal ultrasounds.
  • Although the heart looks like a tube-like channel, it is doing its best to keep your little one alive.
  • Your baby's brain and spinal cord are forming, but they are still open. They just have to close.

This week's tips

  • Remember to take your prenatal vitamins every day. Week 5 is the time when your baby's neural tubes (brain and spinal cord) are open but will close by week 6.
  • Do not take any medicine unless absolutely necessary and permitted by your doctor. Some medicines are harmful to the development of the fetus.
  • Try to rest whenever possible. You can feel very tired and the best way to deal with it is to sleep and stay as relaxed as possible.
  • Many women don't make their first ante-natal appointment until the end of the first trimester. If you go to your doctor now, they will be able to guess the date of your baby's birth. That is, now the countdown has officially started!