5th Month of pregnancy - symptoms, baby development and physical changes

It is difficult for anyone other than a pregnant woman to understand the significance of the nine months of pregnancy. Here we are talking about the fifth month of pregnancy i.e. from the 17th week to the 20th week. By the time you reach this month, the skin blooms and the form of pregnancy starts glowing on your face. As the time of pregnancy progresses, so do many changes in the body. Due to the development of the baby in the womb, the stomach starts growing, while some physical problems will also continue to happen. In this article by MyBabyCare, we will talk about the fifth month of pregnancy.

5th Month of pregnancy - symptoms, baby development and physical changes

Symptoms of the Fifth month of pregnancy

Some symptoms remain the same every month of pregnancy, while some may be new. Know about the symptoms of the fifth month:

1. Fatigue: Fatigue is a common symptom in the fifth month of pregnancy. As the weight of the baby increases in the womb, the pregnant will feel tired soon.

2. Having back pain: Due to the increase in the size of the baby in the uterus, the problem of lower back pain is common. Most pregnant women are troubled by the problem of back pain throughout their pregnancy.

3. Headache: Although the problem of gas and constipation is common in pregnancy, because of this headache is often complained of.

4. Weakening of nails: During this time nails are also affected. You may find that during pregnancy your nails become weaker and break more quickly. In some cases, the nails also become stronger. This mostly happens during the second trimester.

5. Bleeding gums: Most women in the fifth month of pregnancy have to deal with the problem of bleeding gums. This happens due to hormonal changes or vitamin-K deficiency.

6. Difficulty in breathing: Most pregnant women have difficulty breathing due to increased progesterone hormone. Apart from this, due to weight gain, can also cause difficulty in breathing. If there is more than one baby in the womb, this problem starts early due to the effect of the growing uterus on the diaphragm.

7. White water coming from the vagina: White discharge may come from the vagina. If there is no foul odor, white and purulent (not too thick, not too thin) discharge without burning, itching, or pain, then it is normal vaginal discharge. Apart from this, consult a doctor if symptoms are observed.

8. Problems of forgetting: Due to hormonal changes in pregnancy, there is an effect on the brain, due to which the pregnant may sometimes have problems of forgetting.

9. Swelling of the ankles and pain in the feet: Pain and swelling in the feet are common during the fifth month of pregnancy. During pregnancy, more blood is produced in the body for the nutrition of the baby and often the veins of the legs are blocked, due to which the blood cannot reach the heart from the legs, then these symptoms are seen.

10. Gas and constipation: All kinds of changes in the body can cause constipation, which also causes gas problems.

11. Occasional dizziness: As the baby develops in the womb, a sufficient amount of nutritious elements are needed for the baby. In such a situation, the pregnant may sometimes feel weak, due to which dizziness can occur.

12. Bleeding from the nose: During the fifth month of pregnancy, bleeding from the nose is also common. This happens due to increased blood circulation.

Note: These are all common symptoms, but if they increase more, contact the doctor without care.

Read further, what changes happen in the body in the fifth month.

Changes in the body in the fifth month of pregnancy

The baby bump starts appearing in the fifth month of pregnancy. Now make a habit of handling it, because your baby bump will increase with the increase in the size of the fetus in the womb. Apart from this, the following physical changes can be seen in the fifth month of pregnancy:

  1. Uterus size: Your uterus will grow to the size of a football. This is the time to drop your old clothes and start wearing loose-fitting clothes specially made for pregnancy.
    Stretch marks on the abdomen: Due to the increase in the abdomen, the ligament starts to stretch, due to which stretch marks can appear on your stomach. You can use stretch marks cream to reduce them.
  2. Warmth in hands: You may suddenly feel warm in your palms. This is due to the lack of blood supply in the body. Not only this but due to this red lines can also emerge on the palms.
  3. Changes in hair: Changes in your hair may also be felt in the fifth month of pregnancy. You will find that suddenly your hair has become thick and their fall has also reduced.
  4. Feeling very hungry: This month a pregnant woman may feel more hungry than before. While some women eat everything, on the other hand, some women feel like eating something special.

Now let us know what is the position of the baby in the 5th month of pregnancy.

Baby's growth and size in the fifth month of pregnancy

As we mentioned that in the fifth month, the uterus becomes the size of a football. This means that the baby is growing rapidly in the womb. Know, how is the development and size of the baby till this month:

Baby size and weight in the womb

  • By the end of this month, the baby in the womb becomes about six and a half inches.
  • The weight of a healthy baby in the womb is about 226 grams.

Baby development in the womb:

  • In the fifth month, the blood vessels will start showing on the skin of the baby.
  • Bones and muscles will be fully developed.
  • Now the baby will be able to take limbs and yawn in the womb.
  • If the baby is a boy, then by this month his testicles have developed.
  • If the baby is a girl, her uterus develops and eggs are laid in it.
  • Nipples will be visible on the chest of the baby.
  • Fingerprints will start to form.
  • Teeth will begin to form inside the gums.
  • The kidneys will start functioning fully.

Next, we will know how to take care of a pregnant woman.

Care in the fifth month of pregnancy

The fifth month of pregnancy is very special for a pregnant woman. In this, special care has to be taken from lifestyle to food. Whatever you are eating, it has a direct effect not only on you but also on the unborn baby. Below, we are listing some of the foods that one must eat during pregnancy.

What to eat in the fifth month of pregnancy?

Take more and more fluids: Keep in mind that now you have to take care of two people. One of his own and the other of the child in the womb. So, keep yourself hydrated and drink more and more water.
Eat foods rich in protein: Protein is essential for the development of the child. For a healthy pregnancy, it is recommended to consume 21 grams of extra protein in the second and third trimesters. Therefore, include protein-rich food in your diet. For this, you can consume pulses, cheese, soybean, and egg, etc.
Eat Salad: Make sure to include a salad in your diet. This will give you fiber, which will remove problems like constipation. As a salad, you can include vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Make sure you wash the vegetables thoroughly before eating them.
Eat fruits: Consumption of fruits is essential during pregnancy. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which is essential for a pregnant woman. You can include fruits like apple, banana, orange, and kiwi in your diet.
Take green vegetables: Even if you get bored by eating a lot of vegetables daily, but definitely eat for your little one. To supply iron, you should consume spinach and broccoli. If you want, you can make some vegetable smoothies.
Whole grains: Consuming whole grains is beneficial during pregnancy. You can include wheat, rice, corn, and oats in this.

What not to eat in the fifth month of pregnancy?

Above we were told about what to eat in the fifth month of pregnancy. Now let's talk about some foods, which can be harmful to consume. Know below, about those foods, which should not be eaten in the fifth month of pregnancy:

  1. Say no to cold drinks: Avoid cold drinks during pregnancy. They contain caffeine, sugar, and such calories, which are harmful to the pregnant and unborn baby. Instead, you can drink fresh fruit juice. It will not only give you strength but will also keep you fresh.
  2. Do not eat these fruits: Avoid eating a pomegranate, raw papaya, and pineapple in the fifth month of pregnancy. They may be put at risk of miscarriage.
  3. Avoid Caffeine: Avoid eating caffeinated things like tea, coffee, and chocolate during pregnancy. This can lead to insomnia in the baby after birth.
  4. Do not eat junk food: Avoid eating outside junk food like pizza and burgers. Apart from this, avoid outside chaat and dumplings.
  5. Alcohol and Tobacco: Do ​​not consume alcohol, tobacco, and cigarettes at all. It is harmful to both the pregnant and the unborn child.
    Raw egg or raw meat: If you eat egg or meat, then eat it only after cooking it properly. Raw eggs contain salmonella bacteria, which can cause food poisoning.

Exercises for the fifth month of pregnancy

Exercise has a special role in leading a healthy and healthy life. At the same time, when it comes to pregnancy, it is advisable to exercise during this too. At this stage, any pregnant woman can do regular walks and breathing exercises. Apart from this, doing some yoga asanas can also be beneficial for you. like :-

1. Butterfly Posture: This asana strengthens the muscles and brings flexibility to the pelvis and hips. Apart from this, doing this asana helps in delivery.

2. Parvatasana: This strengthens the legs and knees and helps in reducing the problems related to the uterus.

3. Sukhasana: With this asana, pregnant women can get relief from spinal problems. It also keeps the mind and body calm.

4. Vakrasana: This asana helps in relieving problems like constipation, back pain, and cramps. These problems usually happen to pregnant women.

5. Utkatasana: It strengthens the lower back. Apart from this, this asana is beneficial for the spine and hips.

You can do these asanas in the fifth month, but always do them under the supervision of a yoga expert. You can get more information regarding this subject from a Garbh Sanskar Specialist or Childbirth Educator.

Scans and tests during the fifth month of pregnancy

Regular medical check-ups are essential during pregnancy. In this, from the development of the child to his health, his health is checked. If we talk about the fifth month, then during this time the following investigations are done:

Cordocentesis test: If the doctor sees any specific problem, then they recommend the pregnant to undergo a cordocentesis test. In this test, it is found out whether there is a chromosome disparity in the baby.
Amniocentesis test: Amniocentesis test can also be done during pregnancy in special circumstances. In this, it is seen whether the baby has defects like spina bifida, down syndrome. However, in most cases the result is normal.

Ultrasound in the fifth month: Ultrasound is also done during this time. In this ultrasound, the health of the baby is checked. It is seen that whether all the organs are properly formed or not, there are no signs of any serious physical deformity in the child such as - lump and fracture of the spine, etc. In this, the doctor can know the sex of the baby, but does not try to know the gender of the baby even after forgetting it. Doing so is a punishable offense. This can even land you in jail.

Apart from this, blood pressure, weight, uterine size measurement, urine test, a blood test to check hemoglobin level, and baby's heartbeat are checked.

Know here what precautions are necessary.

Precautions during the fifth month of pregnancy

Since the baby grows more rapidly from this month onwards, more caution is needed. Below we are telling what are the things that need to be taken care of now:

what to do during the fifth month of pregnancy

  1. Take care of rashes: Due to the heat in pregnancy, you may have a problem with rashes around the armpits and breasts. Taking a shower can be beneficial for you to get relief from them.
  2. Sleep on your left side: Your stomach is expanding now, so sleeping in a normal position can be difficult. Sleep on your left side, which is beneficial for both you and the baby.
  3. Wear loose-fitting clothes: Now due to the growing belly, you should wear loose-fitting clothes.
  4. Eat fiber-rich food: During this time the pregnant has the problem of constipation. To get relief from this, one should eat fiber-rich food.
  5. Take Care of Posture: Whenever you stay at home, take care of the posture of your getting up and sitting, etc. Don't stand for too long. While working, take breaks in between and take rest. Sleeping for a while during the day is beneficial.
  6. Talk to your baby: Talk to the baby in the womb. You will be surprised when hearing your voice and your baby will respond in the form of a kick. You will enjoy knowing about Garbh Samvad in Garbh Sanskar. Baby bonding activity is essential for the mental health of both mother and baby.

What not to do in the fifth month of pregnancy

  • Do not consume alcohol, caffeine, or cigarettes. It has a bad effect on the unborn baby.
  • If a pregnant woman already has a child, then do not carry your child in this month. Doing so can put pressure on your growing baby bump, which can prove to be harmful to the growing fetus.

Concerns during the fifth month of pregnancy

While the fifth month gives you beautiful experiences of pregnancy, on the other hand, it also brings some common problems. You should contact a doctor immediately if this happens, such as:

  • Increased heartbeat: Many times, due to stress, lack of blood, and obesity, the heartbeat and pulse of a pregnant woman increase. In such a situation, the woman may experience chest pain and shortness of breath. If this happens, a doctor should be contacted immediately.
  • Frequent dizziness or fainting: Although dizziness is common in the first three months, if there is constant dizziness even in the fifth month, then it can be a sign of hypertension. If this happens, contact your doctor immediately.
  • Heavy vaginal discharge: It is common to have vaginal discharge during pregnancy, but if this discharge is excessive or its color appears pink, green, or red, then the doctor should be contacted.
  • Increased swelling in the legs: Although swelling and cramping in the legs is normal in pregnancy, if this problem starts getting more, then the doctor should be contacted. These can be symptoms of pre-eclampsia. This problem is mainly caused by high blood pressure. Pre-eclampsia can have serious effects on both the pregnant and the baby if not treated on time.
  • Severe back pain: It is normal to have severe back pain during pregnancy. Lower back pain occurs due to pressure from the growing uterus. If this problem gets worse, then a doctor should be contacted.

Now let us discuss what is the responsibility of the father during pregnancy.

Tips for a future father

This is a time in which the responsibilities of the father as well as the pregnant one increase. Since it is the child of both of you, the responsibility of taking care of it will have to be shared by both of you. Here we are giving some tips for future fathers:

  • Understand your partner: You understand that it is natural for your wife to change her nature during pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to support them emotionally.
  • Take them to the doctor at intervals: You should take the responsibility of taking the pregnant woman for a routine checkup. Whenever the date for going to the doctor comes, take out time on that day to take the wife to the doctor. In such a situation, you will also be able to see your baby in ultrasound, which will be a different experience for you.
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frequently asked Questions

How much should I eat in the fifth month of pregnancy?

In the fifth month of pregnancy, a woman is advised to take in 340 extra calories daily. Also, whatever you eat to get calories, should be nutritious.

How much weight should I gain in the fifth month of pregnancy?

In the fifth month, there should be an increase in weight of about two kilos. You can get an idea of ​​this with the help of a pregnancy weight gain calculator. Let us tell you that during pregnancy, most women can gain 11.5 to 16 kg. While there is an increase of one to two kilograms in the first trimester, there is an increase of half a kilo every week in the second and third trimesters. However, how much weight a woman gains depends on her physical condition.

We hope that you have got all the necessary information related to the fifth month of pregnancy through this article. Just by taking care of small things and through regular exercise and yoga practice, the whole pregnancy can be made pleasant. Keep reading for more such information on MyBabyCare.