10 Easy home remedies to get rid of itching in the genital area

Itching is a normal and natural process but itching in secret places is a problem that can cause discomfort as well as embarrassment in public. This problem is more common in women. Frequent use of pads or white discharge during pregnancy increases the itching of the genital organs.

10 Easy home remedies to get rid of itching in the genital area

Sometimes itching increases in the private parts and sometimes itching can also cause wounds and pain on the private parts. You can also get rid of itching of vaginal or private parts with easy home remedies at home. Let's know easy ways to remove itching on the secret organs.

Home remedies to get rid of itching of secret organs

1) Basil

Basil leaves are a mine of benefits for our body. Tulsi leaves contain thymol and eugenol which are very beneficial for the skin. Along with this, it has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial properties.

If you have a problem with itching in the secret organs, then boil basil leaves in water for a few minutes and drink that water after it cools down. You can also grind basil leaves and apply them to the itchy area.

2) Apple Cider Vinegar for Vaginal Yeast Infection

Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties are also found in Apple Cedar Vinegar, which is effective in relieving itching of the genitals. It is very beneficial in antibacterial or yeast infections.

Mix one spoon of apple cider vinegar in lukewarm water and clean the secret organs with it. Along with this, mixing two teaspoons of Cedar Vinegar in a glass of water can also be drunk daily.

3) Garlic

Garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-biotic properties which are helpful in relieving itching in the genital organs. For this, chew a few cloves of garlic and eat it.

You can also mix drops of vitamin E oil in garlic juice and apply it on the itchy area and then wash it off after a while. This will solve your problem soon.

4) Curd
Curd is also an effective remedy to remove itching in the secret organs. Eat a bowl of curd daily. Or if there is itching, this problem is also removed by applying curd to the affected area.

If the curd is used daily on the itchy area, then this problem gets solved forever.

5) Uses of Neem for Itching
Due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, neem leaves are effective in curing many diseases or allergies. While taking a bath, put neem leaves in your bath water or wash your secret places by adding some neem leaves to the water. The itching will get relief very soon.

6) Ice As a Home Remedies of Private Parts Itching
An easy remedy for itching in the secret parts is to use ice on it. By applying ice, you will not only get rid of the itching but also provide relief.

7) Salt
Salt helps prevent fungal infections. Mix salt in water and wash the secret organs with this mixture or pour hot water in a tub and add salt to it and sit in that tub for some time. By doing this, not only will the infection be cured, but this remedy is also effective in preventing it from spreading.

8) Coconut Oil
Coconut oil prevents dryness in the genitals and also retains moisture. To avoid itching, apply coconut oil on the secret organs or wash the affected parts with water mixed with coconut oil. Itching of the secret parts will get relief very quickly.

9) Castor oil
Castor oil is very essential for health along with being pure and natural. It is also very beneficial in removing itching of the genitals. Put two spoons of castor oil in a cup of milk and drink this mixture for three days. You will benefit a lot from this.

10) Rosemary
Rosemary is one of the herbs found in the kitchen which is very tasty and aromatic. It is also beneficial in removing skin problems. Boil rosemary leaves in water for a few minutes and then cool and wash your secret organs. By doing this you will get relief in a few days.

Along with this, Tea Tree Oil is also a mine of anti-bacterial properties. Take a bath by mixing a few drops of tea tree oil in the bathwater or adding a few drops of it to the aloe vera gel, apply this mixture on the itchy areas and wash it after some time. You will get rid of this problem.

These were home remedies to remove itching in secret places but you can also avoid this problem by taking some precautions like do not wear tight clothes, pads used in menstruation.

While buying your bath soap and body wash, keep in mind that they do not contain chemicals in any way, do not eat yeast foods, always wear cotton underwear, and take special care of cleanliness. Even after this, if this problem increases, then consult a doctor and get the right treatment.