Sixth month of pregnancy - symptoms, development and physical changes of the baby

The beginning of the sixth month of pregnancy means that there is only one month left for the second trimester to end. Like every month, this time the pregnant will get to see new experiences. Some experiences will be good, then some problems will come to the fore. In this article on MyBabyCare, we will talk about the 6th month of pregnancy (21st week to 24th week). From the troubles and precautions to be taken during this time to diet and exercise, you will find everything in this article. First of all, let's talk about the major symptoms seen this month.

Sixth month of pregnancy - symptoms, development and physical changes of the baby

6th month of pregnancy symptoms | Pregnancy Ka 6 Months

  • Edema (swelling): Around the sixth month of pregnancy, you may notice swelling in the feet, ankles, and hands. This is called edema. This is because the body begins to build up fluid within the tissue so that you and your baby can get nourishment. The increase in pressure on the pelvis and swelling in the ankles, feet, and hands is due to edema. Mild swelling is normal and is a common symptom associated with pregnancy.
  • Indigestion: Constipation is a common problem during pregnancy. Let us tell you that due to the enlargement of the uterus, there is pressure on the lower part of the abdomen, and the problem of indigestion starts. To avoid this problem, along with fiber-rich food, drink plenty of water. If even then constipation is not cured, then doctors give medicines, which are better to take for a short time.
  • Excessive hunger: Nutrients are needed for the development of the child. This is why you feel more hungry than usual. You will often feel hungry. It is possible that during this time you may want to eat junk food, but control yourself and eat such food, which is beneficial for you and your baby.
  • Snoring: This is one of the common symptoms of pregnancy. Weight gain can also be the cause of snoring, as the tissues around the head and neck become dry, which leads to the problem of snoring. During pregnancy, in some cases, snoring can be a sign of diabetes, which can be detected by a doctor's monthly blood and urine test.
  • Back pain: This is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. Hormones loosen the pelvic area and muscles to prepare the body for labor. The weight of the baby and the growing uterus pushes your stomach forward, causing back pain.

Body changes in the 6th month of pregnancy

  • You must have gained a lot of weight by now. During this, the uterus usually grows an inch or more above the abdomen. Due to this, your navel starts looking outwards. It remains like this for a few weeks after delivery, but it returns to its position after some time. Due to the body proportions of every woman, the protrusion of the navel can be detected late.
  • In the sixth month, the problem of bleeding gums persists. If this problem is more, then definitely contact your doctor.
  • As the uterus grows, the lower abdomen begins to stretch. Because of this, stretch marks can occur in that area, due to which you may feel uncomfortable.
  • You may have false labor pains (Braxton Hicks contractions). These are short-term contractions lasting from 30 seconds to a minute. However, such pains mostly occur in the third trimester. If there is severe pain or if there is a mild pain that is intermittent for a certain period of time, then consult a doctor.
  • During this, there is a rapid supply of blood to deliver adequate nutrition to the baby. Because of this, sometimes veins can bulge (varicose veins) on the lower part of the pregnant, such as under the abdomen and thighs.
  • Due to increased blood circulation, there may be an effect on the hands and feet, due to which there may be stiffness in the hands and feet.

Next, you will know how much a 6-month-old baby weighs in the womb.

Baby's growth and size in the sixth month of pregnancy

Feeling the growth of the baby in the womb is one of the most pleasurable experiences. As the child develops, his movements begin. The movement of the baby in the womb will further increase the eagerness for its arrival. Here's what happens to the baby in 6 months of pregnancy:

  • During this, not only the weight of the child, but the height also increases.
  • Your baby's skin turns pink because of the blood vessels formed under the skin.
  • There is still time for the lungs to mature.
  • The baby will be very active at this time and will soon respond to outside sounds. By the end of this month, the baby's fingers and nails have developed and are visible through ultrasound.
  • It is possible that in the ultrasound you can see the baby sucking the thumb.
  • By the end of this month, the baby's head is still bigger than other parts of the body.
  • By the end of the sixth month, the weight of the baby may be around 900 grams and its length may be around 12 inches.

Care in the sixth month of pregnancy

Keep in mind that you are now at a stage where your baby can feel and hear even outdoor movements. In such a situation, it is very important that you live in a good environment. Worry and trouble are not good for the health of both of you. In the sixth month of pregnancy, you have to take care of your daily routine and diet. Apart from this, the following food items have to be included in your diet. You should be more careful during the sixth month.

Diet in 6th month of pregnancy

Healthy eating is very important for a healthy pregnancy. What you eat, what you drink directly affect the baby in your womb. So, whatever you eat, eat nutritious food. There may be some change in your food preferences. In the meantime, you might like something you didn't like before. Also, drink plenty of water and eat fast-digesting food.

What to eat in the 6th month of pregnancy?

  1. Eat oranges in plenty. It contains vitamin C and fiber, which is beneficial for both mother and baby.
  2. For the supply of vitamin C, the consumption of broccoli, tomato, milk, dates, and dry grapes will be beneficial.
  3. Eat food at night, which is not difficult to digest.
  4. Constipation is common at this stage, so to deal with it, take the help of a fiber-rich diet.
  5. Iron deficiency is most likely to occur during this month. Therefore, some iron supplements can be taken along with iron-rich foods.

What not to eat in the 6th month of pregnancy?

  • Many pregnant women suddenly feel like eating oily fast food, but during this time avoid eating these things. Consuming them can lead to irritability and exhaustion.
  • Do not eat high mercury fish, raw eggs, and raw meat. It hinders the development of the fetus.
  • Avoid eating soft cheese during pregnancy, as the milk used in it is not pasteurized, which can cause food poisoning to the pregnant.

Exercise in the 6th month of pregnancy

Exercise is essential for everyone's good health. Talking about pregnancy, exercising during this time is beneficial for health and the baby. Exercising regularly during pregnancy is beneficial. Apart from this, breathing exercises, such as - Anulom-vilom should be done. Below we are telling the names of the exercises to be done during the sixth month of pregnancy:

Kegel exercise
Kegel exercises can be beneficial during pregnancy. This strengthens the muscles of the pelvic region. Apart from this, the problem of the inability to hold urine during pregnancy is also relieved.

Chair pose
Chair Pose is also known as Utkatasana. This strengthens the ankles, thighs, and spine. This asana is considered beneficial for pregnancy.

Jogging is considered beneficial during pregnancy, but while doing it, one thing has to be kept in mind that you do not exhaust yourself at all. Jog slowly and always have a family member with you.

Note: You should do this exercise and yoga only under the supervision of a trainer.

Come, now let's talk about the different types of tests to be held this month.

Scans and tests during pregnancy in the sixth month

In the sixth month of pregnancy i.e. the last month of the second trimester, along with proper diet, regular medical check-ups are also necessary. In this, it is found out whether the baby is developing properly or not. During this, normal tests like blood pressure of the pregnant, measurement of uterus and weight are done. Apart from this, know what other tests are done in the sixth month:

  1. Urine test: A urine test will be done to check the level of sugar and protein.
  2. Gestational Diabetes Screening: Diabetes is a common problem this month. The sugar in pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. To test this, you will first be given glucose water and then a blood sample will be taken. This is called the glucose tolerance test.
  3. Ultrasound: At the same time, an ultrasound is done when needed to check the development of the baby. Through this, the doctor checks the child's activity and its development.
  4. Quad Screen Test: Quad screen test can also be done at the beginning of this month. In this, a sample of pregnant blood is taken and sent to the lab for testing. However, this test does not check for any disease. It is simply found out whether there is a need to do any further tests or not.

Some precautions also need to be taken during pregnancy, which we are going to tell further.

Precautions during 6th month of pregnancy – Do's and Don'ts

Precautions save you from big problems to come. As far as pregnancy is concerned, even during this time you need to take all the precautions so that the baby and the mother do not face any kind of problems. Below we are going to tell you what to do and what not to do during the sixth month:

  • Since there are only a few months left for the baby to arrive, start thinking of your baby's name.
  • If you haven't bought pregnancy clothes yet, go to the market and get them. Wear loose-fitting clothes that will make you comfortable.
  • Register for the delivery in the hospital well in advance, so that there is no problem when the time comes.
  • During this, you may feel swelling or mild pain in your feet. For this, putting the legs in lukewarm water for a while can provide relief.
  • It is time to spend time with your family. You will feel better if you spend some more happy moments with the family before the baby arrives.
  • Do not take stress at all, always keep a positive attitude and prepare to welcome your upcoming baby with joy.

Concerns during the sixth month of pregnancy

As the time of pregnancy progresses, each month there will be something different going on. It is not necessary that all experiences are good. If we talk about the sixth month, then some other problems also come during this time, which are as follows:

  • Insomnia Problem: It is common for pregnant women to have insomnia during this month. Mostly this problem is due to frequent urination at night. When the enlarged uterus puts pressure on the bladder, frequent urination occurs. Also, when the baby kicks in the night, the pregnant sleep is still disturbed.
  • Body aches: As the time of pregnancy progresses, the problem of body aches may increase. This pain is caused by the enlargement of the uterus. This pain is called round ligament pain.
  • Tingling in hands and feet: In the sixth month of pregnancy, there may be a problem of tingling in your hands and feet due to increased blood circulation. This mostly happens with women who work in the office. Working on the computer continuously causes tingling in the hands. To avoid this problem, keep resting your hands in between.
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Tips for a future father

There is no doubt that pregnancy is not only a boon for a woman but also a gift for the father to be born. Therefore, in such a situation, they should fulfill the responsibility of encouraging the pregnant. As the time of delivery approaches, the woman's nervousness increases. In such a situation, being a husband, you can mentally prepare your wife for childbirth. Apart from this, it is your responsibility to get the check-up done by the doctor at the right time.

Frequently asked Questions

Is it safe to travel in the 6th month of pregnancy?
Yes, it is safe to travel during the second trimester if you do not have any medical problems. Nevertheless, before traveling once, please consult your doctor.

Can hemorrhoids occur during pregnancy?
Constipation is common in pregnancy. If this problem increases more, then the problem of hemorrhoids starts. To avoid this, eat as much fiber-rich food as possible and drink eight to ten glasses of water a day. If the problem worsens, contact the doctor.

Hopefully, you have come to know the important things related to the sixth month of pregnancy. These were some of the common things that every pregnant woman needs to be aware of. Also, share this information with all those women who are 6 months pregnant. For more such information on other months, do read MyBabyCare's other articles.