Reasons for late menstruation and 10 effective ways to bring it at the right time

Menstruation is not a new name for women. It is a natural process that is essential for the health of the woman every month. Regular menstruation is a sign of a woman's health, but most women face irregular periods at times.

Reasons for late menstruation and 10 effective ways to bring it at the right time

Irregular menstruation also causes many other problems. If the period is not regular, then sometimes it becomes difficult to perform daily tasks. An irregular period means that the period comes sooner or later than the fixed time and this problem happens to many women. First of all, know what is the delay of menstruation.

What is delayed menstruation?

Normally, the menstrual cycle lasts for twenty-eight to thirty days, but if your periods are delayed by this period, then they are called irregular or missed periods. This can be troublesome for women both physically and mentally.

There are many reasons behind this too, but it is not that this problem cannot be solved. Today we have brought for you the reasons and remedies for late menstruation.

Due to late menstruation

#1. Overweight

Being overweight is one of the main reasons for the delay in a woman's menstrual cycle. So, control your obesity. The thyroid can also be another reason for this. Thyroid causes weight gain, not only this, but due to this the levels of hormones also become unbalanced.
If so, then treat it after consulting a doctor. Loss of weight can also cause a delay in periods

#2. Unhealthy Diet

Along with our body, our food and drink also have an effect on our period. Our lifestyle also has an effect on menstruation. Due to this, the periods come late.

For this follow a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food along with it. Do not consume too much sugar, salt, caffeine, and junk food.

#3. Age

Being less or more of your age can also be a reason for the delay in the period. Menstruation starts at a young age in many girls, due to which the period can be delayed, then the problem of delay in menstruation is also seen in older women. This problem goes away on its own with time.

#4. Tension

Stress, anxiety, and depression also affect periods. Our hormones become unbalanced due to stress. If you feel that your hormones are getting unbalanced due to stress or anxiety, then make changes in your lifestyle.

Along with this, try to lead a worry-free life with exercise, positive thinking, doctor's advice, and a balanced diet.

#5. Chronic diseases

If you are suffering from any diseases, then due to this also your period can be delayed. If you have cysts in your ovaries, it can also cause a delay in your period. Along with this, diabetes can also be the reason for this.

#6. Birth Control Pills

Those women who are doing family planning often consume birth control pills like Mala D etc. These pills can also cause changes in menstruation.

Actually, the hormones present in these pills cause problems in normal or regular menstruation. Taking too many medicines can also be the reason for irregularity in periods.

Remedies to bring menstruation on time

#1. Turmeric

Turmeric is great medicine, which you can use in problems like delays in periods. Mixing a teaspoon of turmeric in lukewarm water and drinking it once or twice a day will give you good results.

#2. Parsley

Boil carom seeds in water and drink it twice or thrice a day, it is also beneficial. Along with this, the taste of cumin is also hot. Its consumption is also beneficial in period problems.

#3. Ginger

The effect of ginger is hot, so it is also helpful in removing the problem like delay in period. Add it to ginger tea or vegetable and consume it.

You can also take ginger juice with honey. However, it should be consumed in moderation. Consuming it in excess can be harmful.

#4. Raisins

Raisins are not only delicious to eat but also have many health benefits. Soak raisins in water overnight, then boil them and when less quantity remains, filter and consume it.

#5. Sesame

Take some quantity of black sesame seeds and mix them in jaggery and consume it. This remedy also gets rid of problems like delay in period.

#6. Papaya

Papaya, especially raw papaya, is also an effective remedy. Due to its consumption, there is a tightening in the uterus, due to which the period can come early.

#7. Fennel

Boiling fennel in water for some time and drinking this water is beneficial. Its consumption causes contraction in the uterus, which helps in the arrival of menstruation at the right time. Along with this, drinking fenugreek seeds boiled in water, in the same way, is beneficial.

#8. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like orange, lemon, amla, etc. are rich in vitamin C, which increases the hormone called estrogen in the body. Due to this hormone, the menstrual cycle remains correct in the body. Pomegranate juice is also beneficial in removing this problem.

#9. Cinnamon

The effect of cinnamon is also hot, which helps in getting the period on time. Consume cinnamon powder mixed with milk or tea.

#10. Date

Dates are hot, which keeps menstruation regular. Similarly, consuming pineapple also keeps the period regular. Drinking coffee regularly and in a balanced way is also helpful in bringing the period at the right time.

ways to get periods on time

  • If food is not digested properly, there can be a problem in bleeding, due to which there is a delay in the period. So first of all take care of your diet. Eat nutritious food.
  • Eat hot things. This also helps in getting the period early.
  • Do exercise By doing this you will also get relief in irregular periods.
  • Menstrual changes can also be caused by smoking and taking other intoxicants. So stay away from them.
  • By doing yoga, the temperature of the body remains right, which helps in the arrival of menstruation at the right time. If you have the problem of irregular menstruation then do yoga.

These remedies are very easy. You can regularize your menstruation by adopting them, but if you do not get any benefit even after taking these measures, then do not take this matter lightly, but contact the doctor immediately.

Irregular or delayed menstruation every time can be harmful to you. It is also a symbol of some diseases, so it is necessary to get treatment at the right time.