Diet Tips in Pregnancy: What Not to Eat

There are many reasons you should be extra careful with your diet during pregnancy – it is important to know which foods are safe to eat and which ones you should avoid. Some foods contain toxins that can harm your unborn baby, some contain food-borne bacteria that can weaken your immune system and harm the fetus. Make sure most of the foods you eat are cooked and when choosing a recipe, keep in mind that what you eat protects your baby from harmful bacteria and other damages during his development.

Diet Tips in Pregnancy: What Not to Eat

Keep the facts in mind

There are a variety of foods that should be avoided during pregnancy, so it is extremely important that you keep a list of foods that you should not eat for your baby's health and development. Not only is it important to have a holistically nutritious diet, but also remember that you don't have to diet or lose weight because the main priority is to eat a nutritious diet, not diet, to keep your weight at a minimum.

The second thing to keep in mind is that if you plan to eat outside, make sure that the food is served hot and not lightly hot or cold. Also, avoid eating more fast food as they are very high in sugar and saturated fat.

Keep the amount of caffeine very limited and stay away from alcohol (this is only for a short time) as there is no safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy. Consuming alcohol during pregnancy can lower a baby's IQ, lower birth weight, and lead to other malformations. It also inhibits the absorption of folic acid and iron and leads to calcium deficiency in your bones.

 The first rule that should be remembered is to eat food only when you are hungry. Don't worry about changes in your appetite, just stick to the above foods and try to gain weight at the recommended rate that your doctor or your midwife will undoubtedly monitor.