How many days after menstruation does pregnancy take place?

There are certain days according to your menstrual cycle (menstruation) to conceive in which you can easily conceive by having sex. When should a relationship be made to get pregnant after periods? Know how many days after menstruation the pregnancy stops.

How many days after menstruation does pregnancy take place?

If you are unable to conceive normally or want to know about your ovulation days to conceive soon, then read this article completely. Knowing about your ovulation period, you can easily get pregnant by having sex at the right time. Here, we are going to discuss which is the right time to get pregnant after your periods.

Tips to get pregnant after periods

You can get pregnant anytime after your period is over. In fact, getting pregnant involves the 5 days following your period and the day of ovulation. If you are planning to conceive, then you are advised to have sex twice or thrice a week during this period. The symptoms of getting pregnant in the middle of menstruation can be seen up to a few days later. For example, 6 days before periods and 4 days after periods or periods are considered ideal to conceive.

However, this does not mean that you can get pregnant in these few days. A single sperm can survive in a woman's body for up to five days. Therefore, if you have had unprotected sex for five days before and six days after the day of ovulation, there is a chance that you could be pregnant.