Why should you burp your baby?

Like other babies, your baby swallows some air while feeding. This accumulation of air in the stomach makes your baby feel uncomfortably full even before she drinks full milk. Some other things that can cause too much air to accumulate in your baby's stomach:

Why should you burp your baby?
  • crying too much
  • sucking too fast while drinking
  • sucking air when the bottle is empty
  •  Sucking air when milk is not available in sufficient quantity

These can cause a lot of restlessness to your baby and as a parent, you will do anything to end it. That's why burping is necessary after the diet.

How do I get my baby to burp properly?

There is no fancy method of Dakar, surely these simple steps will help you:

  1. hold your baby upright so that their head rests on your shoulder
  2. put your baby on your lap in a sitting position
  3. Pat their back gently, or move slowly up and down
  4. To avoid any discomfort to your baby, burp during the feeding and at the end of the feeding. If he cries a lot, try to burp him before feeding so that he can eat properly.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If your baby doesn't burp, or if they have a lot of gas in their stomach, it's normal for newborns to vomit (expel undigested milk) that contains a small amount of food. This happens when a hungry baby swallows too much air. Belching helps in expelling air from the stomach. This is nothing to worry about; Occurs within a year of your baby's birth.
  • When the dispute is about bottle-feeding as compared to breastfeeding, breastfed babies in general swallow less air than bottle feeding. This is because the baby's mouth is completely glued to the mother's nipple. This way the baby gets a regular flow of milk and they can drink at their own pace until they are satisfied. For bottle-feeding, make sure you hold the bottle at the right angle to the baby's mouth. This will ensure that the baby is actually feeding rather than just sucking air!

Now, it doesn't matter whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding them, burping them is essential. By removing air from the stomach, burping not only eases your baby's discomfort after feeding but also allows them to drink the amount of milk they need. It makes them feel pleasantly full and satisfied.

A comfortable baby is a happy baby who will not only play enthusiastically but also sleep well and rest.