The story of the weaver bird and the monkey

There was a huge green tree on the bank of the Godavari river. The family of birds lived happily by making their nest on that tree by some weavers.

The story of the weaver bird and the monkey

The rainy season had arrived. Once upon a time. There were clouds all around in the sky. Then it started raining very heavily. The monkeys playing on the trees started getting wet. To avoid the rain, they ran to take shelter under the tree. The monkeys started trembling because of getting wet. He was feeling miserable because of the cold. If a monkey was sneezing, then someone's body started shivering. When the birds came to know about the condition of the monkeys, they were very sorry and sad.

To inspire and console the monkeys, the birds said - Listen, monkey brother! Look at our nests. We have made our nests out of straw and small leaves of grass. Which we picked up with our beak and brought it to this tree. Although it took us several days. But we didn't give up. It is the result of our hard work that we are sitting here safely today. While you are getting wet in the rain.

The birds further said- “Now the rainy season has come. You people should not sit idle and should not waste the whole day jumping from one branch to another. You must make good use of your hands and feet. You guys should also make a good shelter for yourself."

The monkeys did not listen to the advice of the birds. He thought that the birds were making fun of him. He decided to teach a lesson to the birds. As soon as the rain stopped, the angry monkeys climbed the tree to take revenge on the birds. They broke the eggs of birds and also destroyed their nests. The poor bird regretted giving unsolicited advice.