Diet chart of 8th months baby

Taking care of a baby is no less than a challenge for any mother. As the child grows in age, new challenges lie ahead for the mother as well. At the age of eight months, the baby learns to sit and most of the time starts walking on the knees.

Diet chart of 8th months baby

In such a situation, it is the most difficult task for a mother to feed her. At this time, if you take special care of your child's diet, then his physical and mental development will be good.

By the age of eight months, babies start swallowing food as well as chewing it. At this time, give nutritious food to the child which includes carbohydrates, vitamins, iron, calcium etc. Apart from this, whenever your child demands milk, then definitely feed him milk. It is necessary to feed the child at the right time and in the right amount. For this you can follow the following table.

In the morning breakfast- You can give breakfast to your child around 9 in the morning. In the morning, you can give something made of milk like porridge, kheer etc. to eat. Make sure that whatever you make for the baby is well cooked and not too thick. For breakfast, you can give the following types of porridge to your child.

  1. Ragi porridge
  2. Barley Porridge
  3. Oats porridge
  4. Homemade Cerelac
  5. Wheat porridge
  6. Semolina porridge
  7. Oats Kheer

In the afternoon snacks- After the morning breakfast, keep a gap of about three hours before feeding your baby something. You can give him something to eat around 12 noon. At this time, if you want, you can feed any fruit or boiled vegetable to your child. While giving fruits, keep in mind that at this age, do not feed any sour fruit to the child. In the afternoon snacks, you can prepare and feed your baby the following types of things.

  1. Steamed vegetables
  2. Fruit curd
  3. Boiled egg
  4. Banana
  5. Veg soup
  6. Mashed fruit
  7. Chickpea Puree
  8. Spinach Soup

In Lunch- After one and a half to two hours of snacks, you can feed the baby. In lunch, you can feed him by making different types of khichdi. This will also change the taste of the child's mouth and he will continue to get sufficient amount of nutritious elements in the food. This will help in his physical and mental development and the essential elements in his body will also be supplied. In the afternoon, you can fill your child's stomach by making the following types of khichdi.

  1. Plain khichdi
  2. Carrot Khichdi
  3. Tomato porridge
  4. Carrot Gourd Khichdi
  5. Mix Veg Khichdi
  6. Cheese and Egg
  7. Ghee Rice
  8. Pongal

In the evening snack- After feeding in the afternoon, after about three to three and a half hours, you can feed breakfast in the evening. Feed the baby something light in the evening snacks. During this time you can feed the following things to the baby.

  1. Apple juice
  2. Carrot juice
  3. Fruit
  4. Home cerelac
  5. Soya bean cheese
  6. Soup

In the dinner- You can feed the baby around eight o'clock in the night. In dinner, feed the baby something that can be easily digested by the baby. At this time, porridge or khichdi can be given to the baby. The following things can be given to the baby at night.

  1. Boiled dosa
  2. Mashed bread
  3. Idli
  4. Oats porridge
  5. Sago Porridge or Khichdi
  6. Carrot and Capsicum Khichdi
  7. Soya bean cheese

While feeding your baby, keep in mind that whatever you are feeding him, do not repeat it for three days. This will help you to know if there is any kind of allergy from eating it. And if your child has any kind of allergy to food, then give it to him after consulting your doctor.