What to do if accidentally pregnant?

In many relationships, unwanted pregnancies happen before marriage and in our society, which is seen with a bad eye or rather, it is not accepted at all. In such a mistake, the future of both the boy and the girl becomes dark. Which affects their whole life.

What to do if accidentally pregnant?

What to do if accidentally pregnant

Get a pregnancy test done - Do not take any decision on checking with the pregnancy test kit at home. Believe in getting the proper test done properly and take your partner to the hospital. Many times the pregnancy test kit also gives wrong results, then go to the hospital to confirm this.

Do take advice - If both of you are not able to take any decision, then you should tell someone who can give you the right advice. You tell your special friend or someone elder and take their help. But keep in mind that that person should not create more trouble for you.

Consult a doctor - Do not take any kind of treatment without consulting the doctor. If you have to take any medicine or have an abortion or want to continue the pregnancy, then definitely consult a doctor. He will give you the right advice, because, after the loss of medicine or abortion, there should be no such problem in getting pregnant again in the future, so go to the doctor's opinion.

Do not use home remedies - This is a very serious condition, so do not get into trouble by trying home remedies because home remedies may not work. In today's time, abortion can be done in the first and second trimesters. It would be better if you had an early abortion. After 2 months you may have to face difficulties.

Take a decision together - If your female partner has told you about her pregnancy, then before saying anything, think about how this will affect her. Take a decision together. If you want a child, then think that both of you will be able to take full responsibility and if you want an abortion, they also know what will be the harm from it.

Get an abortion - If a situation arises that you have to have an abortion, then you should contact the lady doctor. Try abortion with medicine only if you have not been pregnant for more than 8 weeks. Do not send your partner alone as she will need rest after a miscarriage. Dizziness and weakness may occur after the abortion.

Do not leave your partner alone - Do not leave your partner alone in this situation because getting pregnant is the biggest change in a woman's life and pregnancy before marriage is very difficult for the woman. Fear of social and medical problems can also make her nervous. So this time you support them.

Do not take decisions without thinking - you have to talk to your female partner about what you can do next. Do not take any decision in haste. If both of you can get married or your family is supportive then talk to them. If both of you feel that they will support you, then definitely tell them. Maybe the solution to your problem will come out like this.


If any girl gets pregnant by mistake, then it affects her whole life. If you know today what to do if you become pregnant, then in these ways you can solve your problem. Do not worry, rather think about its solution, you will definitely get the solution.