The story of the vulture and the cunning cat

Once upon a time. There was an old and blind vulture named Gallop. He lived in the hollow of a tree on the bank of the river. Some other birds also lived on it. They made arrangements for the galloping vulture to stay in some corner of the tree and also made arrangements for its food. In return, when the birds went out to collect food, the galloping vulture took care of their young.

The story of the vulture and the cunning cat

One day a cat was passing through that road. He heard the chirping of birds. Small children of birds heard the sound of someone coming. They began to shriek loudly after steaming up on some impending crisis.

The gallop guarding the nest cried loudly and asked the cat who is there? Tell me quickly! The cat thought that now the vulture would rip it off. But soon he realized that he was blind. He immediately made a clever plan and said - O wise and mighty bird, I am a cat. It is truly an honor to meet a mighty bird like you. I am a cat Don't you like me coming here?

The vulture said - before I kill you, get out of here. Cat said please don't say that sir. I have heard many tales about your wisdom and intelligence from the animals of the forest. That's why I have come from far away to see you. Please accept me as your disciple and give me shelter.

The galloping vulture was very pleased to hear the flattering words of the cat. The vulture said - Oh cat, I thank you for your generous words. But your presence here can pose a danger to small birds. So you leave here. The clever cat tried to convince the vulture by saying this.

O wise, these lovely little children have nothing to fear. I am a vegetarian and I have taken a vow not to touch meat. The galloping vulture believed the cat and allowed him to stay with him in a hollow in the tree. For some days, the cat kept praising the vulture and taking great care of the little birds of birds. Soon the galloping vulture believed in the cat.
Now the cat has started showing its true appearance. When the birds went out to look for food, the cat used to climb the tree. She ate a bird every day and hid the remaining bones in the gallop hollow. The poor blind vulture was unaware of the cat's evil intentions.

Soon the birds learned that the number of their young was mysteriously dwindling. They started investigating the matter. When the cat saw that the birds became alert. So she very cleverly left that place. The birds soon discovered a pile of bones and feathers in the hollow of the tree trunk. The tree on which he used to gallop. All these were found in some hollow of the same tree. All the birds came to the conclusion that the old vulture must have eaten they're young. In great anger, they attacked the old bird and killed it.