Do these 5 yoga in pregnancy: mother will be fit and child will be healthy

If women do yoga during their pregnancy, then they not only get relief from many problems, but it will also be easier in delivery and...

Do these 5 yoga in pregnancy: mother will be fit and child will be healthy

It is such a pleasant feeling to be a mother, I came to know only by becoming a mother.
When he comes in front of you for the first time, it is like a shiver in the body. All the pain, all the pain goes away just by looking at his beloved face. I have also found this happiness in my life, to be honest, I have decorated my life by becoming a mother.

The feeling of becoming a mother for the first time is very special for every woman. Because it is said that becoming a mother means not only the birth of a child but also a new birth of a woman. But during pregnancy, women have to go through many problems. There are many hormonal changes in the body of women during pregnancy. Body pain and mood swings are also common. But if women do yoga during their pregnancy, then they will not only get relief from these problems, but it will also be easier in delivery and the development of the child in the womb will also be correct. Let us know which yogas should be done by women during pregnancy from Ayurvedic Dr. Sunil Prabhakar of Swami Parmanand Naturopathy Center for Yoga and Research.

Butterfly seat

You can do butterfly posture in pregnancy. By doing this, the flexibility of the body increases and the tension of the lower part of the body opens. This reduces the discomfort to women during delivery. To do butterfly posture, fold both the feet in front, join the soles, that is, do it in the posture of Namaste with the feet. After this, with the help of both hands, hold the toes of the feet and move the legs up and down. Your back and sides should be straight. Do not do this action more than 15 times. This posture is given the name of butterfly posture because in this posture you flap your legs like a butterfly's wings.

Kati chakrasana

In this asana, both the arms, neck, and waist are exercised, hence it is called Kati Chakrasana. This asana is done while standing. To do this, first get straight. Stand in such a way that there is a little distance between both feet. Now spread both the hands in the line of your shoulders. After this, place the left hand on the right shoulder and bring the right hand from behind to the left. While breathing normally, bring the mouth in line with the left shoulder. Now stand in this position for some time and then do this action from the right side as well. Do this action with both the hands 4- 4 times. By doing this asana, the stomach remains healthy, there is no problem of constipation, and stress is also removed.

Anulom Vilom

Doing anulom vilom during pregnancy increases blood circulation in the body. By which blood pressure is controlled. To do this asana, first of all sit in Sukhasan. Then close the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand and draw your breath in. Then with two fingers of the same hand close the hole on the left side and exhale from the right side by removing the thumb. Repeat this process with the other nostril. To stay stress-free during pregnancy, this asana must be done.

There are many misconceptions in the minds of women regarding yoga. Maybe you have something on your mind too. Do watch this video to know.


However, Tadasana should be done only for the first six months of pregnancy. But doing this strengthens the muscles along with the brain. To do Tadasana, stand straight, your feet should be close, then raise both hands while breathing. Then turn the palms towards the sky, then while breathing, take both the hands upwards and lock them through the fingers. Then stand on the toes of the feet, keep in mind that your balance should be correct. Then focus your attention on one point in front. Stay in this position for some time. Then exhale and come back to the normal position. If you have stomach problems during pregnancy, then you should do Tadasana, this will keep you healthy.


Doing Shavasana during pregnancy not only gives mental peace to women, but it also helps in the development of the baby in the womb. Also, women feel a lot of stress during pregnancy. In such a situation, they get benefits by doing Shavasana. To do Shavasana, lie down straight on the bed and leave your arms and legs open. You have to leave your body completely loose. Give peace to the mind and become completely relaxed and then slowly take a long breath and release it.