Causes and symptoms of ear pain in children

Babies have ear pain or children have problems with watery ear or ear blockage. You will also be surprised to know that one of the main reasons for the crying of small children is also earache. A baby earache can be very painful for babies.

Causes and symptoms of ear pain in children

Therefore, in order to treat ear pain, it is very important for you to know its causes because if you will know the right reason then you will also be able to treat it properly. So let's know what can be the reasons for ear pain in children.

#1. Incorrect breastfeeding

If you breastfeed your baby while lying down, it can pass through the Eustachian tube and cause an infection behind the eardrum, which leads to pus in the baby's ear and can cause an earache. So be careful while breastfeeding.

#2. Watery ear

Sometimes water in the ears of babies also starts to hurt, as if the baby's ear is not cleaned properly while bathing, then the moisture in the baby's ear can cause fungus which can cause severe pain or itching. Is. So take full care of this thing while bathing. After bathing, clean the baby's ear thoroughly.

#3. Lack of ear cleaning

Many times, excessive wax can accumulate in the ear if the baby's ear is not cleaned properly or due to frequent intervals. It can also cause sharp pain (Kaan ka Dard). So keep cleaning the baby's ears from time to time.

#4. Because of disease

Many times children have a cold, cough, cold, or any kind of infection in the throat, such as swelling of the tonsils, etc., then its infection also reaches behind the eardrum, due to which ear pain can occur.

#5. Allergies

Sometimes there is a pain in the ear due to any kind of allergy or even if a small ant or insect goes into the ear, it can also cause pain.

#6. Finely Cleaning

Many times you itch your baby's ear with a fine thing or if you clean the ear, then this can also become a reason for this. Therefore, while cleaning the baby's ear, be very careful and use only a cotton ball.

#7. Nutritional Deficiency

You will be surprised to know that one of the causes of ear pain in the baby can also be due to lack of nutrition. So take full care of your child's diet.

Symptoms of ear pain in children

  • itchy ears
  • If your baby cries frequently by pulling or holding hands
  • There is no movement even after making a sound to the child, that is, hearing less
  • heaviness in baby's ear
  • If someone's hand touches the ear of the child, he starts crying.
  • Sometimes ear pain increases the temperature of the skin around the ear.
  • Due to excessive pain, the child may also have a fever.
  • watery pus discharge from the ear
  • Due to excessive pain, there is also pain in opening the throat and jaw of the child, due to which it becomes difficult for the baby to eat anything while breastfeeding.