Foods to be taken during pregnancy in first trimester

Pregnant women need to have nutritious food most of the time and at the same time, they can enjoy the occasional feast. Pregnancy is not a time in which you have to give up everything that is valuable and dear to you. Because for many of us food is a source of great pleasure and the feeling that it is to kill the pleasure of taste for nine months is not only unrealistic but also very harsh.

Foods to be taken during pregnancy in first trimester

Any diet plan during pregnancy should include eating a varied, fresh, and tasty diet. Think about what you eat and what it will bring to you and your baby. Not only will it be until your third trimester when you will need to increase your daily kilojoules, but even after that, consuming extra amounts of fruit and milk will meet these additional daily requirements.

It is the quality and strength of the nutrients in your diet that matter during pregnancy, rather than the "quantity" of foods. You must have heard the term “work smart” a lot, but pregnancy is the time when you have to embrace “eat smart” and during this time choose the food according to the satiation of taste and not just mind.

But at a time when you are about to become a mother, eating nutritious food can be a bit difficult considering your crazy schedule. We've made things a little easier for you by creating a trimester-wise meal plan.

Eating the right food during pregnancy boosts your immunity and keeps the mood swings at bay, allowing for a pleasant and healthy pregnancy experience. It is recommended that you consult with your doctor or an accredited health worker before adopting a supplement program or making changes to your diet.