22 best ways to get pregnant fast

After marriage, some couples face problems in conceiving. Many questions arise in his mind. Like what is the right time to get pregnant? What are the ways to get pregnant fast? Also, when do you need sex to get pregnant? Many women take a long time to conceive because of the lack of accurate answers to these questions.

22 best ways to get pregnant fast

In this article on MyBabyCare, we will try to answer all such questions. Along with this, we will also tell about the measures, by adopting which problems in conception can be avoided.

Let us first know what is the right time to get pregnant.

How to know the right time to get pregnant

The chances of conceiving are highest at the time of ovulation. Therefore, couples wishing to have children should have intercourse during this time. If a woman's menstrual cycle is of 28 days, then the time of her ovulation can be between the 11th to the 14th day. However, all women have a different physical condition, so it is difficult to pinpoint the exact time of ovulation. Many medical experts recommend having intercourse between the 7th day to the 20th day of the menstrual cycle to conceive.

If you want, you can get an idea of ​​the exact time of your ovulation by checking your body temperature or with the help of ovulation calculator.

As far as the sperms of a man are concerned, they can live in the body of a woman for up to five days. At the same time, the woman's ovum can survive in the fallopian tube for only 12 to 24 hours. In such a situation, if sexual intercourse is done during the process of ovulation, then it is easier for the sperm to fertilize the egg. This increases the chances of a woman becoming pregnant.
Let us now talk about the method of getting pregnant.

Keep these things in mind for early pregnancy

1. Stay away from stress
There is no doubt that stress is the root of many diseases. Nowadays every other person is suffering from stress due to some reason or the other. Stress disturbs the hormonal balance, which leads to many physical problems. Stress has a very bad effect on the fertility of not only women but also men. If you are stressed about something, try to divert attention from that side. To avoid stress, do yoga, meditate and be as happy as possible. By being happy and stress free, your hormonal balance will be maintained and there will be no bad effect on fertility.

2. Avoid intoxicants
Drug abuse also affects fertility. Consumption of drugs, alcohol, drugs, tobacco etc. has a bad effect on the fertility of both men and women.

3. Balance the Weight
Being overweight or underweight affects fertility. Women who are overweight are at risk of developing diabetes or heart-related diseases. Apart from this, women who are overweight may also have problems with menstrual irregularities. This type of problem has a bad effect on the process of ovulation and makes it difficult for the woman to conceive.

4. Monitor Body Temperature
Pay attention to body temperature as well. The body temperature rises slightly during the process of ovulation as compared to other days. Get up in the morning and check your body temperature daily. If the body temperature is higher than normal days, it may be time for ovulation. On normal days, the body temperature of a woman is 96 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, during ovulation, the body temperature of the woman can increase from 0.6 to 0.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Get Checked Out by a Doctor
Before you start planning to become a mother, it is important to undergo a medical examination. After checking with the doctor, it should be ensured that if the body is not in the grip of any kind of disease. If any kind of problem is revealed in the investigation, then instead of panic, get the disease treated in time and conceive as per the doctor's advice. This is called preconception checkup or preconception medical counseling. It helps to avoid unwanted situations in pregnancy if the intending couples do the necessary tests after consulting before conception.

6. Adopt a healthy lifestyle
Lifestyle also affects fertility. Women preparing to become a mother should first adopt a healthy lifestyle. They should drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. By doing this, the fertility of the woman is better and it is easier to conceive.

7. Adopt a good diet
Eating habits affect fertility. Therefore, it is important that women preparing to conceive take a nutritious and balanced diet. Such women should consume food rich in vitamins and minerals. Include fruits and green leafy vegetables in the diet. In addition, it is essential to consume foods rich in folic acid, vitamin-B12 and omega-3 fatty acids.

8. Stop Taking Contraceptive Medicines
If you are planning to conceive, the first thing you need to do is stop taking birth control pills. Keep in mind that before you start planning for pregnancy, stop using the contraceptive medicine.

9. Have intercourse at the time of ovulation
The most important thing to get pregnant is to have sex at the time of ovulation. Having intercourse between 7 and 20 days of the menstrual cycle is considered important for conceiving. This can increase the chances of conceiving.

10. Do not have sex under stress
Many husband and wife become overly serious about getting children. Because of this, tension prevails on them even during intercourse. We have already mentioned that stress adversely affects the ability to conceive. For this reason, do not take stress at all while having sex.

11. Do not use lubricant
Many people use lubricants while having sex. Doing so can have a bad effect on the sperm due to the lubricant, which leads to problems in conception. For this reason, it is said not to use lubricants while trying to conceive.

13. Take care of intercourse posture
It is not necessary to have sex in a particular position to conceive. For this, just the right union of sperm and egg is enough. Then it is good to lie on your back for some time after intercourse to increase the chances of conception. This reduces the scope for sperms to come out.

14. Reduce the intake of tea and coffee
Women trying to conceive should limit their consumption of tea and coffee, as they contain caffeine. It is okay to drink one to two cups of coffee a day, but consuming too much coffee can hinder the process of conceiving. Also, due to these complications during pregnancy can also be faced.

15. Get plenty of sleep
Good sleep is essential to stay healthy. Women trying to conceive must get seven to eight hours of sleep at night. In addition, a short nap in the afternoon keeps metabolism in check. This maintains the balance of hormones in your body and increases your chances of conceiving.

16. Consume All Essential Nutrients
It is very important for the body to be healthy while executing the pregnancy plan. Hence, pregnant women are advised to have a nutritious and balanced diet. Along with this, vitamin tablets can also be consumed after consulting a doctor. Keep in mind that consuming vitamins on your own can also lead to pregnancy-related problems. Actually, excess of vitamin-D, vitamin-K and vitamin-E in the body increases the risk of birth defects.

17. Be Mentally Prepared
One should also be mentally prepared before planning a child. At this time it is important to understand that after the child comes into the world, the responsibilities will increase and full time will have to be given in the care of the child.

18. Don't Exercise Too Much
Although exercise is necessary to conceive, but exercising or exercising too much is also not good. Exercise, but not excessively. It has been proven that women who are more active in sports may have fertility problems. This is because they are more physically active. If you already do daily exercise or yoga, then at this time you can consult a fitness coach or yoga therapist for pre-natal or preconception exercises and yoga schedule.

19. Do not take too many medicines
Taking too many drugs also has a bad effect on your fertility. Using drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin, etc. can cause problems in conceiving. Therefore, do not take any kind of medicine without consulting the doctor.

20. Reduce the intake of sweet things
Sugary beverages (especially sodas and energy drinks) affect fertility in both men and women. For this reason, the consumption of these sweet drinks should be avoided. Yes, consuming fresh fruit juices is considered safe.

21. Take care of the right age
It is also important to be of the right age to conceive. Conceiving at the right age keeps both the mother and the baby healthy. The quantity and quality of eggs in a woman's body gradually decreases with age. Women between the ages of 25 and 30 are more likely to conceive. At the same time, by reaching the age of 30, fertility starts to weaken. By the age of 40, a woman's fertility is only five percent.

22. Men should take care of these things to increase fertility
The process of conception depends on the union of the woman's eggs and the man's sperm. Therefore, men should also pay special attention to increasing their fertility. Men should keep the following things in mind to increase and maintain their fertility:

  • Exercise, but not too much.
  • Do not allow excessive heat near the testicles. This has a bad effect on semen production. If possible, wear loose undergarments, do not stay in the bathroom for long periods of time while taking a steam bath, and stay away from hot places or things.
  • Abstain from smoking and alcohol.
  • Avoid excessive mental stress.
  • If you are already undergoing any treatment, be sure to consult a doctor before deciding to conceive.

If you are already undergoing any treatment, be sure to consult a doctor before deciding to conceive.
Hope you have got the answers to all the questions related to the process of conceiving. Now that you know how to conceive easily, try them out. For more information on pregnancy and baby care, you can read other MomJunction articles. This will tell you what to keep in mind during pregnancy and what is right for the newborn and what is not.